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Work log for the week of May 31 – June 2

Please see below for dates and locations of what Sher-Del provided to customers: May 31: 149 workers, 21 trucks June 1: 142 workers, 21 trucks June 2:  73 workers, 13 trucks Locations Served: 540 Madison avenue 535 Madison avenue 277 park avenue 1350 6th avenue 7 west 34th street 1114 6th avenue 1334 York avenue […]

Work Log for the week of 5/15-5/21

It is our honor to serve our community!   With that service, we would like you to know where we have been working! The follow days show the number of workers and the number of trucks that have been out working for you: May 15:  92 workers, 5 trucks May 16:  133 workers, 27 trucks May […]

Work Log March 15th – 20th

As spring is finally picking up speed, so is our working locations.   We would like to share those locations with you to show you what we’ve been up to the last several days!   March 15th –  We served our community with 92 workers & 5 trucks. March 16th –  We were fortunate to have […]

May 3rd-5th Worklog

During the week of May 3rd-5th we were fortunate enough to serve 245 workers (81/day) and 34 trucks (avg of 11/day) at the following locations: 141 West 54th Street 633 3rd Avenue 160 Water Street 1400 Pelham Parkway south (Bronx) 853 Broadway 6 Columbus Circle 575 Lexington Avenue 32 Old Slip 290 Broadway 28 West 36th […]

April 26-28th Worklog

During the week of April 26-28th we were able to serve our community by having a total of 324 workers (avg of 108/day) and 40 trucks (avg of 13 trucks/day) in the following locations: 1400 Pelham Parkway South (Bronx) 28 West 44th Street 317 Lenox Avenue 335 Madison Avenue 1350 6th Avenue 145 Hook Creek […]

April 19th – 21st Worklog

The past couple of days have been great! We having been busy serving a myriad of locations!  Thank you for your business! We had a total of 481 workers (avg of 160/day) and 68 trucks (avg of 22/day) serving the following locations: 120 Broadway 28 Liberty Street 1350 6th Avenue 7 West 34th Street 950 […]

April 12th – 14th Worklog

The week of April 12-14th proved to be a busy week for us!  Thank you for allowing us to serve this locations this week!  We had a total of 318 workers (avg of 106/day) and 45 trucks (avg of 15/day) servicing the following locations:   120 Broadway 28 Liberty Street 399 Route 22 (East hillside, NJ) […]

Worklog April 5th – 7th

We are grateful to have our clients trusting us with these important jobs! The week of April 5th – 7th we had a total of 324 workers (avg of 108/day) and 48 trucks (avg of 16/day) servicing the following locations: 28 Liberty Street 225 Liberty Street 120 Broadway 2533 Brunswick Avenue (East Linden, NJ) 1221 6th […]

Worklog March 24th -31st

  The end of March is near!  We here at Sherdel would like to share our recent works of serving of local areas with you,  our valued clients.   On March 23rd, we had a total of 140 workers and 30  trucks out on jobs.  Some of the working locations were: 1330 6th Avenue 120 […]

March 16th – 24th Work Log

As March comes to an end and we are heading more and more toward spring with every passing day, we at Sher-Del Transfer would like you to know that we are hard at work!  We work hard to make sure our clients are served with the best service possible and with the respect they deserve. […]