If you’re moving your law firm and you need a smooth transition without disrupting your business, neglecting your clients, reducing your billables, or losing vital hours of operation, then Sher-Del is the law firm relocation company for you. Sher-Del has spent over 70 years in business perfecting a law office relocation plan that you can depend on and trust.

In those 70 plus years of operation, we’ve maintained a platinum standard of quality through the following ideals

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As proud members of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA) for over ten years now, we’ve prided ourselves on paying close attention to what is most important to successful law firms and why.

You’ll need a commercial moving company that understands how crucial your billable hours are to your business.

You’ll also need a specialized moving company that realizes in spite of improving technology, you’re still paper-intensive due to legal obligations and require file rooms with high-density systems that won’t be disrupted when you change your office location.

Finally, as an organization that relies on maintaining your own reputation of high quality, you need a law practice mover with a proven track record of delivering exactly what we say we’re going to. All while managing the project with flawless precision, and staying on time and on budget

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We understand that you cannot be out of business for an extended period of time, even for something as important as an entire office move. We also realize your servers can’t just be unplugged in the middle of the day, and that your attorneys have important legal matters to concentrate on and cannot be disturbed during the move process.

That’s why we coordinate our services LATE on Friday and run through a well-practiced moving process over the weekend that is always completed by Monday morning — so you can dive straight back into work without missing a beat.

As experts in law office relocation, the way we successfully keep our clients up and operating until the last possible minute is through pre-moving non-essentials such as your teams supplies earlier in the week. This keeps your move as a whole more manageable with fewer moving parts during that critical Friday-to-Monday relocation.

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There are countless moving companies who claim they can get the job done, but the reality is only a handful have the knowledge, experience, and bandwidth to handle a large scale project like a law office move.

Sher-Del Transfer carries the required insurance and employs union workers to guarantee we handle every step in your move without needless red tape, whether you’re in an A-Class building, moving to or from a high-traffic street in Manhattan, or navigating any extra travel that may need to be accounted for. With us, there are no complications because we’ve already seen them all and have done our homework to prepare so that your business won’t be disrupted during this critical transition.

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We understand your law office relocation is way more than just about going from point A to point B, and that you don’t need someone who’s simply going to unplug a computer and move it to another building.

For you, it’s vital that details such as the organized handling and packaging of your Redwelds™ are always taken care of with both precision and care. You’re going to need to go into your file room that first Monday and know exactly where everything is because it was packed and unpacked in the very same order.

And when you need to back-file, you want law practice movers who have already taken that into consideration and left the necessary space for it so you don’t run into a new problem on your second day in the office.

We also know that your new space will be totally different, so we assist you in managing that difference by helping you better understand what excess nonessentials can be purged, what percentage of your new file room you’re going to need for current or old files, and how much you need to reserve for your continued growth.

So we’re not just a moving company. We’re your project managers, and we make a complicated process easy and simple by leveraging decades of experience so that everything runs smoothly without you having to worry about it. You just handle your clients and your cases — we’ll take ownership of this move.

Our number one priority and focus is always your successful relocation, and whatever it takes to do that, we handle all the heavy lifting for you (pun intended) so that you’re back up and 100% operational Monday morning.

Being a Partner and not Just Another Moving Company

It’s easy to talk big when nobody knows who you are, but we pride ourselves on being a name in this industry that high-end firms instantly recognize. Law Firms recommend us to other law firms, as do building managers, architects, general contractors, and project management companies.

Our business is built on credible word-of-mouth referrals AND repeat business. As a family-owned and operated enterprise since Day 1, we’ve also remained successful by staying current and always understanding the needs of our clients.

At the end of the day, nobody else does the sheer volume of work that SherDel does for law firms and other commercial companies. We’ve seen pretty much every issue you can encounter, and have continued to satisfy customers day after day, year after year in the face of it all.

Your standards are sky-high, and you deserve a company that will always be there to meet and exceed them for you. Please reach out with any questions, as we look forward to serving you and helping you smoothly transition into your new office with zero disruption and no headaches.